Aleppo Terrorists Promise to Let civilians out of City for $300: TASS

Militant walks between destructed structures in eastern Aleppo

Terrorists in Aleppo have announced a price, which civilians have to pay for exit to the humanitarian corridors.

In leaflets, the so-called “Supreme Military Council” of “Jaish al-Fateh” insurgent coalition said that any civilian who would like to get out of eastern Aleppo has to pay – 150,000 Syrian liras or approximately $300, Russian News Agency, Tass reported on Wednesday.

“Our leadership realizes the level of suffering endured by the city’s peaceful civilians because of the bombardments and the blockade of Aleppo neighborhoods by the Syrian army. After consultation with our brothers, we will let the residents aged under 14 and older than 55 out of the city if each of them pays 150,000 Syrian liras for an opportunity to leave in order to support our brothers fighting on the fronts,” the leaflets said.

This is a racking sum for most people remaining in eastern Aleppo. They do not have food or water.

“Where can we find 150,000 liras … and what if a person does not have the money? Does it mean that he or she should die?! We want to get out of here. We have nothing here to survive…,” the local residents said, according to TASS.

To prevent civilian casualties, the Syrian and Russian military have created 8 humanitarian corridors, which both the civilians and the militants can use to get out of the surrounded neighborhoods in eastern Aleppo. The corridors are working round the clock.

(Source / 02.11.2016)


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