Child injured in assault by soldiers near Ramallah


A Palestinian child suffered several injuries on Saturday evening after Israeli soldiers physically assaulted him in Beitunia town, west of Ramallah.

The Red Crescent said that one of its ambulance crews evacuated 13-year-old Ameer Farrukh from an area near the bypass road in Beitunia after his exposure to severe beating by soldiers.

It added that the child suffered leg fractures and bruises in different parts of his body.

Local sources asserted the boy was assaulted on Idrees farm near the Israeli-controlled bypass road, noting that he was alone in the area.

In a separate incident, a group of Palestinian farmers from Huwara town in Nablus survived a possible attack by Jewish settlers from Yitzhar settlement after an Israeli security guard premeditatedly prevented them from harvesting olives from their grove.

According to Huwara municipal chief Naser Hawari, a security guard from Yitzhar settlement intercepted the farmers upon their arrival at their olive fields in al-Lahf area, west of the town, and told them that they could not collect olives, claiming that their coordination with the Israeli authorities to enter their land had been cancelled.

As a result, the farmers had to go back and as they were walking, they saw a horde of settlers blocking the main road waiting to assault them, so they took another route to avoid them.

The farmers had already been permitted by the Israeli authorities to enter their fields to harvest olives for three days.

(Source / 30.10.2016)


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