Abdah: “Great Epic Battle of Aleppo” Aims to Liberate City from Enemies of Civilization

President of the Syrian Coalition Anas Abdah highly praised the bravery shown by the FSA and rebel fighters who on Friday launched a large-scale offensive to break the siege by regime forces and their allied militias on eastern Aleppo as well as to liberate the regime-held western neighborhoods of the city.

“The brave fighters in Aleppo are fighting a great epic battle to break the siege and liberate the city from the mercenaries and enemies of civilization,” Abdah said, adding that “the free people everywhere in the world stand by the people of Aleppo.”

The Free Syrian Army and rebel groups are preparing to start the second phase of the offensive called the “Great Epic Battle of Aleppo.” rebel and FSA groups made rapid advances on Friday against regime forces and the Iranian-backed sectarian militias who are fighting under close aerial cover from the Russian air force.

The FSA and rebel fighters have converged at the perimeter fence of the Assad Military Academy having overrun the Dahiyat Al-Assad area in southwestern Aleppo. The Academy is the largest and most heavily defended regime bastion in western Aleppo.

Three major regime checkpoints in western Aleppo as well as the Cardboard Factory, Minyan Sawmill and parts of the 1070 Apartments Project area fell to the attacking forces on Friday.

Jaish Al-Fateh, the joint command center of FSA and rebel groups participating in the offensive, announced they have captured 10 militants of the Iraqi Al-Nujabaa’ militia in Dahiyat Al-Assad area. Rebel and FSA groups also said they have killed and injured dozens of pro-regime militants in Aleppo and its suburbs

Jaish Al-Fateh urged civilians living in western Aleppo to stay away from regime positions for fear of their safety.

Activists said that the FSA and rebel fighters began to fortify the positions they captured on Friday, adding that the most violent clashes are taking place in the 3000 Apartment Project area.

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 29.10.2016)


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