US democracy is for sale

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor libertarians usa elections 2016

Within a month for the presidential elections you can see that the elections are bought by the media. On the one hand you need millions for your election and on the other hand you need again money to impress (= buy) the media.
It seems that the election for president is running between two parties, the Democrats and the Republicans. But in fact there are more parties, four parties. The Green Party and the Libertarians are running too for the elections.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor elections usa 2016

But did you see the leaders of these two parties in the debates? No, because the media are ignoring these parties. The media are not interested in the Green Party or in the Libertarians.

These two parties do not have the millions like the so called big parties and that is why they are not invited in the national debates.

In other words: the media are buying the democracy in the United States. Without the big money a party is not a partner for the mainstream media and the parties get no invitation for the debates.

You call this democracy? Not me, i call it defrauding business or the media run democracy. It is no democracy because the voters don’t see all parties who want to run for the elections. It is pure fraud and nobody does anything to stop it.

If you have seen the reactions of Jill Stein on the debates and special on the candidate of the Democrats, you could have seen that Jill was more than superior on Hillary Clinton. And that last woman is running for president?

Important to know is another issue, namely that the two candidates of the big parties or funded by the zionist lobby in the States and both candidates standing for their allies, the zionists from Tel Aviv.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor green party usa

Jill Stein has said by mail that she stands for the right of the Palestinians and BDS. Is it possible that is why too she is not invited for the three national debates? She don’t support the zionists but she is not supported by these same zionist lobby. So she do not get the big money for running for the elections in all states and be a member in the important national debates,  controlled by the major media.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor libertarians usa elections 2016

So if you want to buy the democracy in the United States of America you have to have the support of the most important lobby groups of the States (read: the zionists ) and you have to give much money to the mainstream media, special who broadcast the national debates.

I think the democracy in the States is for sale to the highest bidder. So who makes an offer?

© KhamakarPress / October 2016



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