15-year-old Khalid fatally shot by IOF in al-Khali


A Palestinian child was shot dead by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Thursday evening in Al-Khalil’s northern town of Beit Ummar, in the southern West Bank.

Israeli news outlets unleashed machine gunfire shots on 15-year-old Khaled Ahmad Bahar near the main entrance to Beit Ummar on claims that their army jeep was hurled with stones.

An Israeli soldier was allegedly injured in the stone-throwing incident at the murder scene.

The Palestinian Health Ministry identified the minor casualty as Khaled Ahmad Bahar, 15.

Speaking to a PIC news correspondent, eyewitnesses said the IOF prevented Palestinian ambulances from reaching out to the child. The latter was left bleeding on the ground until he breathed his last.

Shortly after the incident, the IOF fenced off the thoroughfare to Beit Ummar.

Violent clashes burst out at the murder scene, a PIC on-the-spot correspondent further reported.

(Source / 21.10.2016)


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