Footage shows girl cold-bloodedly killed by IOF


The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) shot and killed the Palestinian girl Raheeq Youssef though she posed no threat to them, a video footage showed Wednesday.

The IOF fatally shot Raheeq Youssef, 19, allegedly after she attempted to stab an occupation soldier at the Zaatara military checkpoint in southern Nablus.

Raheeq’s family could not bid her last farewell as the IOF withheld her body.

The video shows an Israeli soldier as attacking Raheeq with heavy spates of bullet fire in the presence of Israeli settlers though she posed no threat to the occupation soldiers.

The soldiers claimed they hit the girl in her leg but fired other shots on her for fear of being attacked.

The Israeli Walla news website claimed that the Mahesh police will launch an investigation into the heavy bullet shots fired on the girl.

The video also shows the execution of the Palestinian youngster Abdul Fattah Sherif after he carried out an anti-occupation stabbing attack in al-Khalil city.

The Israeli soldier shot the youth directly and from a very close range while he was bleeding on the ground.

Ambulance crews refused to provide the casualty with urgent medical assistance, leaving him bleeding on the ground until he breathed his last.

(Source / 20.10.2016)


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