Palestinian youth shot dead by Israeli army a meter away


Mustafa Nimr, who was shot dead by policemen in the Shoafat refugee camp last month, was shot from around a meter away, according to a Tuesday report by Channel 10 News.

According to the report, Nimr was hit by two bullets when he was sitting in a car driven by his relative Ali Nimr.

According to the indictment against Ali Nimr, as he approached the checkpoint, police flagged them down with a flashlight and signaled that the road was closed and that they should turn back, but instead Ali accelerated.

Police fired sponge-tipped bullets at the car, but Ali sped up and rammed through the checkpoint. Ali was charged with causing Mustafa’s death, even though it was police gunfire that killed Mustafa and wounded Ali as well.

During a hearing in Ali Nimr’s case, the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court wrote that an examination of Mustafa’s body showed he’d been shot in the head by two bullets “from what looks like a meter away.”

Human rights groups have often sounded the alarm over the extra-judicial murder of Palestinian anti-occupation youth by the Israeli occupation army, often from a very close range.

(Source / 19.10.2016)



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