Kol Ha’ir unveils wide settlement projects in W. Bank and J’lem


Israeli companies and investors with the help of the government in Tel Aviv have been embarking recently on marketing and finishing widespread housing projects as well as a commercial complex in settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem.
According to Kol Ha’ir newspaper, Nofei Hama’ayan company, a group of real estate investors, is embarking on promoting a huge commercial complex project worth 350 million shekels at the entrance to Mishor Adumim settlement, northeast of Jerusalem.
The company is in the planning stage before the submission of a request for a building permit.
The shopping mall will include event halls, a home shopping area, restaurants, and entertainment for children and families, plus another area for furniture, design, electrical appliances, and ceramics stores.
Another company called Euro Israel has already started to sell 78 housing units in four apartment buildings in Neve Yaakov settlement north of Jerusalem. The units have been put up for sale on the company’s website.
However, the newspaper did not state if these buildings were built or would be finished after selling the units.
The company is building four other settlement projects. 122 housing units in Har Homa, 24 in Pisgat Ze’ev, 32 in Ariel and 96 others in Modi’in, according to the newspaper.
Sarfati Shimon company, for its part, has announced the sale of units in the second building of its project in Har Homa settlement. The project is composed of three apartment buildings of 142 units.
21 other units have been sold by the Israeli real estate company A. Aharon in Pisgat Ze’ev. 44 others are yet to be sold by the same company in the settlement.
The company also finished building the Novi Hapesga housing project in the same settlement. The project consists of 22 units.

(Source / 15.10.2016)


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