Steifo: ‘Surgical Strikes’ against Assad Regime Crucial to Ending Political Deadlock

Vice-president of the Syrian Coalition Abdul Ahad Steifo said that the launch of “surgical military strikes” against the Assad regime’s military positions and the foreign militias fighting on its side is crucial to ending the bloodshed in Syria and the revival of the political process.

Steifo pointed out that such a move would put an end to the political deadlock in Syria and force the Assad regime to stop the mass forced displacement of Syrian civilians. He stressed the need for direct strikes against the military bases Assad uses to launch attacks on civilians. Steifo noted that the most important of these are airbases as they are behind most of the casualties among civilians. The positions of the Iranian-backed foreign militias should also be targeted, he added.

Steifo also stressed the need to step up support for the FSA groups and supply them with advanced weapons to defend civilians against attacks by the Assad regime and its allies on the liberated areas. He pointed to continuous consultations between the Syrian Coalition and FSA groups.

Steifo referred to a major shift in the positions of the friendly countries, most notably the United States, Britain and France, adding that statements made recently by officials of these countries suggest increasing chances of some sort of military action in Syria. He added that this could be the only option to resolve the conflict in Syria. A political solution has become very unlikely in light of recent events without a decisive military action.

(Source: Media Office / 14.10.2016)


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