Facebook suspends accounts of PIC staff member


Facebook Administration has suspended the accounts of eight staff members of the Palestinian Information Center (PIC).
PIC provisionally suspended posts on Facebook after the social network site removed seven accounts of its staff members.
PIC extends its apologies to Facebook followers for such a temporary suspension of posts due to censorship by Facebook admin.
PIC page on Facebook is followed by 200,000 Facebookers, who have been seeking for up-to-date pieces of news on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the Middle East.
The site’s page on Facebook and Twitter are both dotted with a blue mark, which is a sign of its credibility and professionalism.
A few hours earlier, Facebook administration banned the publication of videos on PIC’s English site.
PIC General-Director Yahya Abu Hassan denounced censorship against the group’s staff members.
The move comes a few weeks after Facebook administration struck a deal with Israel to remove anti-occupation pages and accounts.
Earlier, Euro-Mediterranean Observatory for Human Rights expressed deep concern over the recent agreement signed by the Israeli government and Facebook administration to restrict freedom of expression.
During the 33rd session of Human Rights Center, the Euro-Mediterranean expressed concern over the new Facebook administration’s restrictions on freedom of expression based on racial discrimination.
A number of online activists also accused the administration of online social networking service Facebook of deliberately suspending their accounts to silence the pro-Palestine pages.

(Source / 13.10.2016)


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