Syrian Coalition Re-elects Presidential Body for 2nd Term

Members of the Syrian Coalition re-elected the outgoing presidential body for a second and last six-month term during the 23rd General Assembly meeting that concluded on Sunday. The presidential body is composed of President Khoja, Secretary General Mohammed Yahya Maktabi, and Vice-Presidents Hisham Marwa Mustafa Osso and Nagham al-Ghadiri.

A new political body was elected and is composed of 19 Syrian Coalition members: They are: Anas Abda, Salah Darwish, Fuad Aliko, a Muwafaq Nairabiye, Abdul-Ahad Stifo, Nazir al-Hakim, Riad Hassan, Suheir Atassi, Mohamed Jojah, Mohammad Qaddah, Nasr al-Hariri, Wassil Shamali, Haitham Rahma, Hassan al-Hashemi, Khatib Badla, Badr Jamous, Ahmed Tinawi, Hadi al-Bahra, and Fayez Sara.

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 03.08.2015)

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