Political Committee Meets Friends of Syria Group Ambassadors

Political committee members met with Friends of Syria Core Group Ambassadors this morning in Istanbul. The two sides discussed consultations carried earlier between the Syrian Coalition and the international envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura and mechanisms for pushing the political process forward to achieve a political solution to the conflict.

Political committee members reiterates their commitment to a political solution in Syria that achieves the aspirations of the Syrian people to establish a pluralistic civil system based on peaceful circulation of power. They also reaffirmed their commitment to international points of reference for a political settlement with the United Nations based on the Geneva I Communique and the relevant UN Security Council resolutions.

Moreover, they emphasized faith in national partnership to build a new Syria through the participation of all components of the Syrian people, the ensuring of their rights according to the constitution, and through renouncing all forms of terrorism and fighting the Assad regime and its allied militias.

They stressed the need to refer the situation in Syria to the UN Security Council in the case of no commitment to the political process and called for activating the international reference and not allowing any attempts to create a rift in this reference.

Political committee members also calls for encouraging intra-opposition dialogue, supporting the legitimate representative of the Syrian people and supporting counterterrorism efforts including countering the Assad regime and its allies.

The Syrian Coalition stresses the need for putting an end to Assad’s massacres, calling on the Core Group to pass a UN Security Council resolution that obliges the Assad regime to accept a political solution, starting with the implementation of the Geneva I Communique and the formation of a transitional governing body with full powers.

Furthermore, the Syrian Coalition stresses that the fight against extremism in Syria begins with the formation of a transitional governing body as a central sovereign authority responsible for fighting terrorism all Syrian territory. It is also the sole body capable of including all components of the Syrian people and of the formation of a national army tasked with protecting the Syrian territory and the defending the Syrian people against terrorism.

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 09.06.2015)

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