Palestine Statehood: Nigeria’s ‘No Vote’ is support for injustice –MPAC

The Muslim Public Affairs Centre (MPAC) yesterday said the refusal of Nigeria to vote for Palestinian Statehood by abstaining is historic with serious implications  for peace in the Mid-East region.
Executive Chairman of the organisation Disu Kamor said in a statement that Nigeria’s stance is regrettable given that the conflict in Palestine is largely based on the historic wrong of the dispossession of Palestinians, and that a majority of world’s population sees the resolution of the issue of Palestine statehood as a crucial component of any peace negotiation.
“Not only is the Nigeria’s abstaining from this historic opportunity to promote peace and justice at the UN fail to represent the sentiments of Nigerians, it is reprehensible that our government has forced us to be silent with it in the face of injustice.
The refusal of Nigeria to support this bid has strengthened the extremists’ voice, encouraged the actions of the colonists in Israel, and those in Washington and London who pretend to speak for the “international community”. It is very sad that on an issue of important universal human rights struggle, the government of President Goodluck Jonathan has let the opportunity to side with justice passed.”
“Nigeria’s refusal to take a public stand of support entails the dangerous implication that states can get away with illegal annexations of territory provided they make the process irreversible through the establishment of settlements and demographic shifts. The US in particular has made it impossible for Israel to be taken to account at the UN, through its immoral use of the Veto, and other manoeuvres,” he said.
According to Kamor Nigeria’s “no-vote” during this festive period when the Palestinian Christian community has its spiritual, cultural and economic links between Bethlehem and Jerusalem, located just a few kilometres away, nearly severed due to the construction of Israeli settlements around the city will sends a clear message to the Palestinians about where the country stand on the issues of peace and justice.
He regretted that despite international regulations requiring Israel to ensure access to Christian and Muslim holy places that are under its control, for over 15 years, Christians in Palestine have been prevented from freely entering the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem for worship, and during Christmas, many in Bethlehem are prevented from travelling to Jerusalem.
He added that the regrettable decision of the federal government and the other six nations who either voted against or abstained, will not stop the aspiration of the Palestinians to be free and to resist  the yoke of occupation and oppression. 
(Source / 01.01.2015)

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