Settlers dump toxins on Palestinian lands near Salfit

West Bank, ALRAY –  A number of extremist Israeli settlers on Wednesday stormed Palestinians lands near the Samaria highway in the village of Bruqin in the central West Bank district of Salfit.

Head of the Bruqin village council, Lawyer Nafeth Barakat stated that a number of residents saw the settlers parked near the lands before dumping toxins in the al-Baq’an area in the village.

He said that the toxins, mainly whitish and slimy with heavy toxic smell, were dumped only a 150 meters away from Palestinian homes, so the residents contacted the Palestinian police who in turn called experts to examine the dumped materials.

Barkat  stated that the toxins led to the death of ten sheep that belong to a local farmer identified as Mohammad Samara.

Palestinian researcher Khaled Ma’aly stated that there are dozens of small and large factories produce toxins in the industrial Ariel settlement, and Burkan settlement, surrounding the village.    Those settlements frequently flood Palestinian lands with wastewater in Salfit area, Bruqin and Kufr Ad-Deek.

Ma’aly added that those factories are also causing air pollution in the area.

He called on the international and local human rights and legal groups to intervene, and visit the area to observe the damage the toxins cause, and the Israeli ongoing attacks and violations.

(Source / 16.11.2013)

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