Zintan’s revolutionaries warn of releasing Saif El Islam Gaddafi

Zintan’s revolutionaries or the so-called Zintan’s Military Council warned of releasing Saif El Islam Gaddafi if the government insisted on its request to extradite a revolutionary leader named Hassan Tatataki.

According to a document intended to Zintan’s revolutionaries dated on 12/23/2012 and signed by chief of Zintan’s military council Mokhtar Khelifa Chaoub, the council criticized the government for putting Hassan Tatataki’s name in the black list.

The document says Tatataki contributed to the Libyan revolution which toppled Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, about two years ago.

If the government puts pressure, the council which detains Saif El Islam said it will release Gaddafi’s son.

Tatataki is a well-known businessman in Libya. He has Libyan, Turkish and Egyptian nationalities. The government wanted him after it found out he had transferred Lockerbie compensation during Libya’s former regime.

Tatanaki was close to Saif El Islam and Abdellah Sanoussi, Libyan intelligence chief in the Gaddafi administration. He was one of dissidents and supported the Libyan revolution in Zintan. He offered money to revolutionaries. Because of that, they showed dissatisfaction over the government’s request and warned of releasing Saif El Islam.

Sources say revolutionaries are serious about their warning although the man played a big role in promoting the Gaddafi regime reputation.

Tatanaki is chairman of the Libyan oil drilling company Challenger LTD and owner of Libya Channel.

(www.echoroukonline.com / 01.01.2013)


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