Only for Palestine

As a 20-year-old Palestinian living in the besieged land of Gaza,  I’ve grown up with my people, sharing the same bitterness of the persistence to live a normal life as much as possible despite all the obstacles we face every day. Being among people of the same culture and same daily life didn’t help me to discover a lot about life. I always had questions in my mind that  kept me searching for answers.  Even though I  grew up filled with hope, dreams, love and strength but I could feel in my bones that there is much more in life … Continue reading Only for Palestine

UN says Gaza facing disaster if Israel does not end its siege

To avert this looming but avoidable catastrophe is simple, says the United Nations: lift the Israeli blockade and allow the people of Gaza to be self-sufficient. European Phoenix — THE INTERNATIONAL system is often accused of failing to give adequate early warning; of being myopic and not furnishing the appropriate powers with data and analysis that would allow an effective, timely response to predictable disasters. With the recent publication of the report, Gaza in 2020: a Liveable Place?, it would be hard to level these accusations at the UN country team in the occupied Palestinian territory. The report is a trend analysis based … Continue reading UN says Gaza facing disaster if Israel does not end its siege

Siege leaves 80 percent of Gaza’s factories shut

Israel’s ban on allowing Gaza to export goods has decimated Gaza’s economy. JABALIYA, Gaza (IPS) – “Gaza’s economy is expected to grow modestly and people will likely still be worse off in 2015 compared to the mid-1990s,” read a statement heralding the publication of a United Nations report, “Gaza in 2020 – A Liveable Place?” in August. In a no-frills office in the Jabaliya refugee camp, Rizik al-Madhoun, 41, explained how his clothing factory began shutting down six years ago. “We started in 1993 with seven sewing machines. By 2005 we had 250 machines and as many tailors,” he said. “In 2006, … Continue reading Siege leaves 80 percent of Gaza’s factories shut

Oplossing van de Palestijnse kwestie

In dit artikel geef ik mijn persoonlijke visie op de Palestijnse kwestie. Dat doe ik dus op persoonlijke titel, uiteraard wel rekening houdende met het feit dat ik momenteel ook lijsttrekker ben van de nieuwe politieke partij SOPN (link) voor de Tweede Kamerverkiezingen van aanstaande woensdag. Wie zijn nu eigenlijk Joden? We nemen het woord ‘Jood’ doorgaans erg gemakkelijk in de mond. Maar wanneer is iemand nu precies een Jood? En heeft het Joodse volk eigenlijk wel een duidelijk afgescheiden grenslijn met de rest van de mensheid? Deze tweede vraag laat ik hier verder rusten. Laten we maar beginnen met … Continue reading Oplossing van de Palestijnse kwestie

19-Year-Old Blogger Explains What Life Is Like In The Gaza Strip

Tamam Abusalama, Palestine Is Tamam    Blogger, Palestinian, Activist – I want freedom! Even The Leaders Of US Police Departments Want To Restrict Domestic Drone Use A Reporter In Syria Captured Shocking Pictures Of A Tank Blast At Least 10 Civilians Have Been Killed By A US Drone Strike And No One Is Responsibile I spent 4 hours alone at home today without electricity, listening to the awful sounds of the Israeli drones hovering over Gaza Sky and the generators.Being in such a situation makes me think deeper, so I brought my mobile phone to write on as I had no … Continue reading 19-Year-Old Blogger Explains What Life Is Like In The Gaza Strip

Palestinian bid for UN membership on Sept.27

WEST BANK: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Saturday he will make a bid on Sept.27 to obtain non-member status at the United Nations. “We will go to the UN General Assembly for consultations with our friends  on the draft resolution calling for the upgrade of Palestine (to non-member  status)” in the United Nations, Abbas said in a televised address. “We are going to the UN to say that we are a state which applies the fourth Geneva convention (on the protection of civilians in time of war). There are  133 countries that recognise us as a state with east … Continue reading Palestinian bid for UN membership on Sept.27

Palestinian Refugees from Syria Lost and ‘Betrayed’

Palestinian refugees in Syria The official position of Arab nations is unambiguous: solidarity with Palestine is paramount. But facts on the ground point to a disturbingly different reality, one in which Palestinians are mistreated beyond any rational justification in various Arab countries. The worst-fated among them are stateless refugees, who have for decades been granted only precarious legal status. In times of crisis thee refugees have repeatedly found themselves in a state of legal and political limbo.  At the recent Non-Aligned Movement summit held in Tehran, Arab leaders spoke with the same ardent passion about justice for the Palestinians. One … Continue reading Palestinian Refugees from Syria Lost and ‘Betrayed’