Tunisia’s ruling Islamic party Ennahda holds its first public congress

In Tunis, Ennahda, the Islamic party of Tunisia has held its ninth party congress amid a challenging political climate and it was the first to be held in Public after decades of dictatorship.

The presence of Hamas’s leader, Khalid Mashal and his speech has turned the meeting into an international conference about the liberation of Palestine.

Forty years after its founding, the Islamic Movement Ennahda is holding its ninth National Congress. The eight previous meetings were held in secret locations in Tunisia and in exile.
At the opening ceremony, Ennahda leader Sheikh Rached Ganouchi addressed tens of thousands of attendees and millions of Tunisians. He has promised that the Islamic movement will never abandon the cause of the revolution.

Despite the different challenges Tunisia is facing after its revolution, the Islamic Party leader, Rached Ghannouchi has reminded Tunisians and the world that the stability and the security in the Muslim world is contingent upon the liberation of Palestine from the Zionist regime.

Prominent political figures from the Muslim world have attended the Congress of Ennahda. Khaled Mashal, the Leader of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas has congratulated all the Tunisian people for their revolution that has put an end to the dictatorship in Tunisia. He added that injustice remains in the world especially in Palestine as the Zionists occupy the land. Mashal has promised to liberate all the Palestinians from the tyranny of Israel.

At the end of his speech, thousands of supporters of the Tunisian Islamic Movement applauded Khaled Mashal because he stressed that resistance has liberated Tunisians and that it is the only way of ending the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

The presence of Khaled Mashal at the first public Congress of Ennahda has shown that the Tunisian revolution has opened the doors for the Islamic leaders to visit the country and to unite all the Islamic powers in order to strengthen their ties and to fight together against all forms of oppression in the region.

A few years ago, the meetings of the Islamic party Ennahda were held in total secrecy. Now that the Dictatorship is gone, more than thirty thousand people are attending the 9th Congress of Ennahda as the revolution has empowered the Islamic movement in Tunisia.

(www.presstv.ir / 13.07.2012)

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