Wat een vraag …

Deze week had ik een journalist aan de telefoon, die wilde een telefoonnummer van een contactpersoon van mij uit Woerden. Dit omdat er wat commotie was over Sharia4Holland en men wilde een uitzending maken over hoe de moslimgemeenschap in Woerden dacht over deze groepering. Nu was mijn contactpersoon gelukkig verhuisd en heb ik de man netjes bedankt en afscheid genomen, maar het is en blijft een gekke vraag, vind ik. Waarom wordt er (weer) drukte gemaakt over een kleine groepering die wat zegt over de frontman van de populisten van de PVV? Denkt zo’n man nu echt dat we ons … Continue reading Wat een vraag …

Staying Upon the Straight Path in a World of Changing Circumstances

By Sheikh Salman Al-Oadah at IslamToday.net In my prayers, I am constantly beseeching Allah with the words, “Guide us to the Straight Path.” Why, then, would I not see any changes in my personality? Change, after all, is how we learn to respond correctly to new developments. It is how we move away from blind followingand dependence on others towards independent thinking. It is the natural response to a world which is, by its very nature, in a perpetual state of change. Religion, in its essence, is constant. However, our human interpretations and opinions are subject to reassessment. Prophet Muhammad, peace be … Continue reading Staying Upon the Straight Path in a World of Changing Circumstances

Hebron: Israeli settlers occupy Palestinian home

On Wednesday, May 23, a group of Israeli settlers forcefully occupied the home of a Palestinian family near the illegal Tel Rumeida colony in the Palestinian city of Hebron. In an incident that lasted 3 hours, settlers forced their way into the house and began physically and verbally abusing the family. The family was evacuated by Israeli soldiers. The settlers then blocked the entrance, preventing the family from entering the premises. At 6p.m., Muhammed Toma Aburmeli was working in his shop in Tel Rumeida when he received a call from his distressed wife requesting that he come home immediately. As … Continue reading Hebron: Israeli settlers occupy Palestinian home

Program Jerusalem Conference

  The Program 2012 6 July 2012: an event in Amman Jordan preparing to go to Jerusalem 7 July 2012: going to Jerusalem 8 July 2012: Reception in Jerusalem. 9 July 2012: 1st day of the conference in Jerusalem. 10 July 2012: visit to North towns & villages which were destroyed in 1948. 11 July 2012: visit to West Bank ( Baitlahem and Hebron )& attending a seminar in Al Najah University. 12 July 2012: back to Jerusalem to pray at Al Aqsa Mosque and Scapular Church. To see the brochure click here (www.pncj.org / 30.05.2012) Continue reading Program Jerusalem Conference

Israel hints it created Flame malware

The new computer virus known as Flame is shown by the Russian computer security firm Kaspersky Lab. Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Ya’alon has strongly hinted that Israel was involved in creating the computer virus Flame — a new Stuxnet-like espionage malware — to sabotage Iran’s nuclear plans. Speaking in an interview with Israel’s Army Radio on Tuesday, Ya’alon expressed support for the creation of the virus and similar tools, saying it “opens up all kinds of possibilities.” He also noted that it is reasonable for anyone who sees Iran as a threat to take such steps, saying that “whoever … Continue reading Israel hints it created Flame malware

Weer aanval Syrische leger in Houla

Een Syrische vrouw draagt haar gewonde zoon, die op de grens tussen Syrië en Libanon werd beschoten. Het Syrische leger heeft vandaag een deel van Houla aangevallen, de regio waar vrijdag en zaterdag een bloedbad werd aangericht. Dat meldde het Syrische Observatorium voor Mensenrechten vandaag. Na een aanval met granaten volgde het vuur van machinegeweren. Angstige dorpelingen sloegen op de vlucht naar andere delen van Houla, bang voor een nieuwe slachting. Over slachtoffers niets bekend. Volgens de Syrische Nationale Raad van de oppositie werd Houla gebombardeerd en bestookt met granaten en zette het leger tanks in. In een verklaring riep … Continue reading Weer aanval Syrische leger in Houla

Syria’s doctors risk danger to help wounded

The pickup truck swerved around the corner as three frantic men stood on the back screaming,”Go! Go!” Bouncing painfully between their legs was a man drenched in blood. A woman embraces an injured Syrian boy in a Lebanese Red Cross ambulance after he was smuggled into the northern Lebanese border town of Wadi Khaled for treatment, May 30, 2012. He was one of seven injured in a series of tank blasts last week in the village of Deersonpol, in Syria’s northern Idlib province. Four others were killed instantly in the attack by government security forces. Of the seven who took … Continue reading Syria’s doctors risk danger to help wounded