Israel and Air France racism overt

Israel and Air France racism come to light, this Sunday, in the joint operations of the Israeli intelligence service and the airline company in order to prevent people going to Palestine.

It has been proved that you must declare yourself a Jew and/or be the carrier of an Israeli passport in order to have the right to travel.

A young passenger who answered negatively to both questions was forced to leave the plane after she had already boarded.

The case, which will have judicial action where AirFrance will have to explain its collusion with the apartheid regime, happened in Nice airport, AirFrance flight number AF4384 to Tel Aviv at 14h45.

Like in other airports, about thirty passengers have been refused permission to fly with AirFrance on the grounds that the Israeli government has put their name on a list. Either actual participants to the W2P mission or people regarded arbitrarily as a part of it.

The young woman, Horia A., had been allowed to register normally, then board.

However, few minutes before the take off, a hostess came to the front of her seat and asked her to follow her. The hostess, having isolated the passenger in a quiet place, asked her a first question, embarrassed:

“Madam, have you got an Israeli passport?”

Horia “no”

The hostess, in her walkie-talkie, spoke with her management on the ground : “she said no”

“And now, is your religion Israel…euh…are you a Jew ?”

Horia : « No »

The hostess speaking in her walkie-talkie: “also no”

During the next minutes, Horia could observed discussions between the AirFrance staff, comings and goings, before the hostess confirmed that Horia was forbidden to fly, and mentioned “a very complicated situation”

Horia had the wisdom to obtain the report, signed by the AirFrance employee, who is an accomplice because of these twisted actions by management.

Here is the document (Horia and the employee name have been erased)


See the copy below : here is the important paragraph of the report

client boarded and then was questioned, as demanded by the Israeli authority, then put out because she was refused entry to Israel.

( / 15.04.2012)

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