Free Hana Al-Shalabi

Some tweeps are saying that #PalestinianHana was trending 3rd in the U.S.

#HanaShalabi arrested w/no charges,beaten,strip searched, assaulted and is forbidden from family visits. Demand releasing#PalestinianHana

During the hearing #HanaShalabi’s arms and legs were shackled in a very strict manner. #PalestinianHana

There’s also the fact that during this campaign, Israel was bombing Gaza. #PalestinianHana

We get a lot of support from Bahraini tweeps who were at massive protest of their own today that might be why #PalestinianHana didn’t trend

After the strip search before last court, #HanaShalabi was told that she would be punished upon her return to Hasharon#PalestinianHana

we do not tweet to trend; we tweet to raise awareness. trending is the bonus. #PalestinianHana

As I type, there’s a trend attempt to support #PalestinianHana on hunger strike & #ArabIdol is on. Which 1 do u think has all the attention?

#PalestinianHana is a human against an inhumane system

#Shalit is roaming free, but Hana has been re-arrested and another palestinian released in the deal was killed today #PalestinianHana

Again, Bless the Irish | Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign:

” #HanaShalabi should not be forced to wait 66 days before the world sits up and takes notice” #PalestinianHana

“My life collapsed after shes detained.Im distracted all day and night.I think of Hana and cry for her” #HanaShalabi‘s mom

Amnesty International’s action alert for #PalestinianHana Please retweet and join in trending for Hana Al-Shalabi!

#PalestinianHana should trend.. tweet tweet for #HanaShalaby..

Stop Administrative Detention #PalestinianHana





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