Future Society for Culture and Development

Message Assembly  Founded the Future Society for Culture and Development in 2005 by a group of young men and women who believe in the role and function of institutions of civil work in building social capital in the governorates of the Gaza Strip in general and Rafah in particular. Society is the future of culture and development to empower women and young men and women and help them to develop themselves and their families and their communities. Society is the future of culture and development to assist women and young men and women to fight poverty and bring about sustainable … Continue reading Future Society for Culture and Development

Buoyed by ‘Islamic Spring,’ Hamas considers new direction

Hamas’ political chief Khaled Meshal is stepping down as the militant Palestinian group faces a regional moment of change.   Hamas political leader Khaled Meshal, who is stepping down. Hamas’ political chief is stepping down after nearly 16 years, leaving the militant Palestinian group with a potential leadership battle just as Islamist allies elsewhere in the Middle East are enjoying momentum from election victories. Related stories Khaled Meshal, who headed Hamas’ headquarters inDamascus, recently informed the group’s leadership council that he won’t stand for reelection, said a Hamas spokesperson in Gaza. It is unclear exactly why Mr. Meshal is choosing to step aside … Continue reading Buoyed by ‘Islamic Spring,’ Hamas considers new direction

A new BDS victory: Lara Fabian’s Lebanon concert boycotted

Lara Fabian, a Belgian-Italian singer, is a friend of ‘Israel’, and makes no secret of it. In May 2008 she performed at a special concert in France to commemorate the creation of the Zionist state, ending off her performance with ‘I love you, Israel’. The show was directed by her Jewish French partner Gerard Pullicino. In March 2010, she held a concert in Tel Aviv, and in June 2011 she participated in the ‘Cercle Ben Gourion’ festival in Brussels.Despite her obvious warm feelings toward the racist and belligerent Zionist colonial state, she planned to perform on February 14 and 15 … Continue reading A new BDS victory: Lara Fabian’s Lebanon concert boycotted

Wie is Yusuf Estes?

Sheikh Yusuf Estes werd geboren in het Midden-Westen van de Verenigde Staten in 1944. Hij groeide op in een religieuze christelijke familie. Samen met zijn familie verhuisde hij in 1949 naar Houston, Texas waar hij in 1956 werd gedoopt. Hij studeerde muziek en werd uiteindelijk muziekleraar, muzikant en zakenman. Hij ging door middel van zijn muziek zijn religie verkondigen. Tijdens zijn zakelijke carrière bouwde hij een keten van muziekwinkels en had hij zelfs zijn eigen tv-serie de “Estes Music Jamboree”. Yusuf Estes werd een succesvol zakenman maar toch bleef hij opzoek naar God. Zijn eerste ontmoeting met een moslim was … Continue reading Wie is Yusuf Estes?

Abbas: Israel document ‘worthless’ to talks

President Mahmoud Abbas shakes hands with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev as they meet at the Gorki presidential residence outside Moscow on Jan. 20, 2012. MOSCOW (Ma’an) — President Mahmoud Abbas said Sunday that Israel’s response to a Palestinian proposal on borders and security as requested by Quartet negotiators was “worthless”. Speaking to TV channel Russia Today during his the final leg of his European tour, Abbas said his visit to British, German and Russian leaders was not intended to “isolate or delegitimize Israel,” but to look at different routes if current talks between negotiators fail. “We want to live side-by-side with Israel, … Continue reading Abbas: Israel document ‘worthless’ to talks

Bethlehem, Jan. 16, 2012: http://on.fb.me/zFCw6C Israeli drill  near Bat Shlomo, January 16, 2012: http://on.fb.me/z2RivK Tree planting in Beit Sahour, Jan. 17, 2012: http://on.fb.me/w0Zt2T Rally for Palestinian prisoners in Ramallah, Jan. 17, 2012: http://on.fb.me/y8bCYB Weekly demostration in Beit Hanoun, Gaza Strip, Jan. 17, 2012: http://on.fb.me/yxdG22 Gaza Under Attack, Jan. 18, 2012: http://on.fb.me/wKcQC5 Missile fired  by  Israeli apaches in Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza Strip, Jan. 18, 2012:http://on.fb.me/yx88JI Rally for Palestinian prisoners in Gaza City, Jan. 19, 2012: http://on.fb.me/ynB0at Ni’lin weekly demonstration, Jan. 20, 2012: http://on.fb.me/wJwQPp Nabi Saleh weekly demonstration, Jan. 20, 2012: http://on.fb.me/wBK7IH Bi’lin weekly demonstration, Jan. 20, 2012: http://on.fb.me/zM0zcR Kufr Qaddum weekly demonstration Jan. 20, 2012: http://on.fb.me/yTTEeT Isawiya demonstration, Jan. 20, 2012: http://on.fb.me/zEyzTE … Continue reading

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal ‘set to run for PLO role’

Having stepped down as Hamas party chairman after 16 years at the movement’s helm, Khaled Meshaal looks set to run for a senior position in the PLO in the forthcoming Palestinian elections. Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal The Hamas leader, currently living in exile in Damascus, announced in a statement on Saturday that he does not want to stand for re-election later this year. While senior Hamas officials quoted in the Israeli media blame the surprise resignation on a rift between Mr Meshaal and the party leadership in Gaza, analysts suggest he has withdrawn from Hamas in order to pursue a … Continue reading Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal ‘set to run for PLO role’