Persbericht: Moslimpolitiek in Nederland

Hoewel er bijna een miljoen moslims in Nederland zijn, hebben wij als moslims geen  grote lobbygroep, d.w.z. een  grote groep van politici en activisten die opkomt voor de rechten van de moslims in Nederland, er zijn teveel losse bewegingen en groeperingen met deze zaken bezig, vaak zonder dat ze van elkaars bestaan afweten. Hierdoor krijgt de Nederlandse politiek geen duidelijk beeld over punten die moslims aangaan, te denken valt aan het zgn. boerkaverbod, het afgeschoten voorstel over het halal slachten en de islamitische educatie en islamitisch bankieren. Voor deze punten zijn de moslims afhankelijk van politici die zich op een … Continue reading Persbericht: Moslimpolitiek in Nederland

Palestinian youth call for Ramallah protest against Israeli-Palestinian negotiations in Jordan

Palestinian youth have called for a silent protest this Saturday outside the headquarters of Palestinian Authority ruler Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah to protest resumption of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations in Jordan. An Arabic Facebook page advertising the protest has been set up by a group calling itself “Palestinians for Dignity.” The group has also issued a statement in English. A two-minute video on YouTube in Arabic juxtaposes recent speeches of Abbas vowing not to return to negotiations unless Israel halts all settlement construction on occupied Palestinian land with images and headlines of Israel’s unprecendented building spree. Text in the video states: On 14 January 2012, … Continue reading Palestinian youth call for Ramallah protest against Israeli-Palestinian negotiations in Jordan

News from Syria 13.01.2012

(01-13-2011) #Idlib | An amazing protest where people chanting together “Here we are, O God” (01-13-2011) Greece | Syria expatriates protesting against Assad regime Twitter hashtag #HorrorStories for Syria is trending worldwide today #Daraa Basser Harir Intense and random shooting by sec forces using heavy machinery to terrorize the towns’ people Free Syria Army destroys Assad tank – FSA #DeirEzzor A massive demo started and headed towards al-Hamidiya; participants demanded the regimes’ ouster #Homs Two loud explosions followed by intermittent shooting are heard in the Inshaat area Military aircraft are in flight over the city Banyas Massive presence of sec forces they surrounded Al-Qalaa district #Idlib Khan Shiekoun … Continue reading News from Syria 13.01.2012

Israeli fighter details 1948 genocide

A former Israeli soldier has revealed Israel’s atrocities, ethnic cleansing, massacres, colonization and racism carried out against Palestinians in the 1948 war. In a video testimony, Amnon Neumann said that he participated in the expulsion of unarmed Palestinians from their villages in southern Israel. Admitting his crimes, Neumann described that he helped kill people, burn the villages, and chase off women and children. “This is very clear. We came to inherit the land. Who do you inherit from? If the land is empty you inherit it from no one. The land was not empty when we inherited it,” he said. … Continue reading Israeli fighter details 1948 genocide

Demonstratie tegen de komst van Netanyahu

Wanneer donderdag 19 januari 2012 Tijd 9:30 tot 11:30 Waar Plein van de Tweede Kamer Beschrijving Naast de demonstratie / protestactie van het NPK tegen de komst van de Israëlische premier Netanyahu aan de Tweede Kamer zullen meerdere groepen protesteren op het Plein van de Tweede Kamer. Hierbij wordt u uitgenodigd om massaal aanwezig te zijn en mee te protesteren tegen de aanwezigheid van deze man in Nederland. Kom allen van 9.45 tot 11.30 uur en laat uw reactie horen. Continue reading Demonstratie tegen de komst van Netanyahu

Death threats and intimidation by Zionist groups increasing in France, say BDS activist

Palestinian solidarity organizers in France say they have been receiving death threats and have received a suspicious package by mail containing a white substance according to a statement issued by Campagne BDS France – which works for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) on Israel. The incident, according to the campaign, is the latest in what it called “unpunished acts by pro-Israel militias involving the display of racist graffiti and posters” at a building which houses several Palestine solidarity organizations. The latest threat comes on the eve of a conference of BDS activists in France, and follows a significant legal victory in which a French court threw out … Continue reading Death threats and intimidation by Zionist groups increasing in France, say BDS activist

Witnesses: Shells fired at northern Gaza

Israeli army tank. GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli military forces fired shells at northern Gaza on Friday. Witnesses told Ma’an that three loud explosions were heard in the al-Ghoul area of Beit Lahiya on Friday evening. No injuries were reported. An Israeli army spokesman said that there were no immediate reports of the incident. Overnight Thursday, Israeli forces fired on the central Gaza Strip injuring two people, medics said. ( / 13.01.2012) Continue reading Witnesses: Shells fired at northern Gaza