Gingrich calls Palestinians an “invented” people

(Reuters) – Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich thrust himself into controversy on Friday by declaring that the Palestinians are an “invented” people who want to destroy Israel. The former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives predictably sided with Israel in its decades-old dispute with the Palestinians but took it a step further in an interview with the Jewish Channel. The cable station posted online its interview with Gingrich, who has risen to the top of Republican polls with voting to start early next year to pick a nominee to challenge Democratic President Barack Obama in the November 2012 election. … Continue reading Gingrich calls Palestinians an “invented” people

My Words to the West leaders

I as a Muslim, Egyptian, Arab, and African, direct my words to the ruler of the world, who are the real Dictators, those who try to convince every time with new lies Those who call War against Terror. but forgot that they are the Terrorist Those who claim the Democracy, but they the real dictators Those who say they care for the human rights, but they order to kill and human rights violation. Ever since the west steal the resources, and try to control this area, if its England, France, now the USA and Germany, only they didn’t consider the … Continue reading My Words to the West leaders

Volunteer in Gaza with the ISM

9 December 2011 | International Solidarity Movement, Gaza The International Solidarity Movement is appealing for activists to join our team in the besieged Gaza Strip.  After being barred from Gaza in 2003 following the murders of Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndall, ISM Gaza was reinstated in August 2008 when ISM and other volunteers traveled aboard the historic, siege-breaking voyage of the first Free Gaza Movement boat. ISM has maintained a constant presence in Gaza since that time, for over three years of Israel’s crippling siege. ISM volunteers refused to leave when Israel began bombing Gaza in December 2008. During the … Continue reading Volunteer in Gaza with the ISM

Gaza death toll rises to 4

  GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Violence has flared between Israel and Gaza, with the Israeli air force killing four Palestinians and armed groups firing rockets far across the border. The fighting erupted on Thursday when an airstrike on a car killed an operative for Hamas’ armed wing and another from a group affiliated with Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. Israel accused them both of planning to send gunmen to attack it through Egypt. Fighters responded to Thursday’s airstrike with a barrage of rockets, some of which landed near Beersheba. No one was hurt. Air-raid sirens summoned residents of southern Israel to … Continue reading Gaza death toll rises to 4

Still casting lead: Israeli air force attack kills 1, injures 13 in single family

Midhad El Zalaan in his home after Israel’s bombing “This is the occupation,” a neighbor mumbled as we stepped into what remained of twenty-year-old Migdad El Zalaan’s cement-block home in the north of Gaza City this afternoon.  The Israeli Air Force dropped the first of three bombs near Zalaan’s home at approximately 2 a.m. this morning killing his uncle, wounding El Zalaan and the rest of his twelve family members, and destroying his home. In one corner of the living room a baby doll lay on a mattress buried under shards of tin roof.  Cement blocks squashed plastic party hats and … Continue reading Still casting lead: Israeli air force attack kills 1, injures 13 in single family

Irshad Manji en haar ‘Rosa Parks-moment’

  Afgelopen woensdagavond waren Irshad Manji, een islamitische activiste uit Canada, en Tofik Dibi, lid van de Tweede Kamer voor GroenLinks, de hoofdsprekers in de Balie tijdens een ‘viering van liefde en vrijheid’. Helaas moesten zij een korte onderbreking van haat weerstaan. Deze bizarre gebeurtenis is door veel media en een aantal aanwezigen, zoals Carel Brendel en Thijs Kleinpaste, al goed beschreven en dus wil ik mij in onderstaande tekst graag concentreren op de vraag hoe ik de avond als moslimen vriend van Irshad Manji heb ervaren. Door: Arnold Yasin Mol Op dinsdagavond 6 december was er een vergelijkbare gespreksavond metIrshad in de Geertekerk in Utrecht. Van deze prachtige en rustige avond komt binnenkort nog een verslag … Continue reading Irshad Manji en haar ‘Rosa Parks-moment’

Jordan warns Israel over Al-Aqsa ramp closure

The Mughrabi ramp leading from the plaza by the Western Wall to the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in the old city of Jerusalem. AMMAN (AFP) — Jordan, the custodian of Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem, warned Israel on Friday against closing a wooden access ramp to the sensitive Al-Aqsa mosque compound in the Old City. “Jordan rejects any Israeli attempt to affect Jerusalem’s holy sites, identity and heritage, including Al-Mughrabi Gate” that leads to the compound’s Al-Buraq Wall, known to Jews as the Western Wall, Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh said. The kingdom, which signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1994, “is … Continue reading Jordan warns Israel over Al-Aqsa ramp closure