From 40 countries Convoy “spring of freedom” in Gaza

Arrived this evening, a convoy of Arab spring into the Gaza Strip via the Rafah crossing with the President of the Association of Sunni scholars, Dr. Safwat Hijazi and Dr. Salah Sultan, scientists, thinkers and Mmthleean revolutions Arab from Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and the European Parliament came from forty countries in the world. The delegation held a press conference the convoy at the Rafah crossing which it welcomed the First Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Council, Dr. Ahmed Bahar, the convoy, stressing that the Gaza Strip steadfastness in the siege became a mecca for free to the world. He called … Continue reading From 40 countries Convoy “spring of freedom” in Gaza

Detention of female journalist extended

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli court in Jerusalem on Monday extended the detention of Palestinian journalist Isra’a Salhab till next Friday for further interrogation. The Mada media center has denounced the Israeli detention of the Jerusalemite journalist, who works with the Quds TV, describing it as part of the harassment against journalists. The Israeli police had summoned Salhab on 16 November and questioned her for two hours after which she was taken out of the interrogation room handcuffed and taken to custody. The Israeli occupation forces had detained Salhab’s husband Shadi Zahde almost a month earlier and he is still … Continue reading Detention of female journalist extended

How’s business? Tear gas economy flourishes in Tahrir Square

I went on a shopping spree today, but not my normal kind, for food or clothes. On Tuesday I bought tear gas protective gear: a hard hat, goggles, a plastic filter mask, and a surgical mask. They were purchased from vendors in Tahrir Square, where clashes between police and protestors continue for a fourth day in the surrounding streets. About 30 people have died so far, according to official tallies. Karim positioned his stall strategically at the start of Mohamed Mahmoud Street, where much of the fiercest fighting is taking place. He sold goggles for LE5 and a plastic filter … Continue reading How’s business? Tear gas economy flourishes in Tahrir Square

Israeli tanks fire on Rafah city houses while airstrikes target military training centre

GAZA, Nov 22 (KUNA) — Israeli artillery and bulldozers surrounded the eastern part of the city of Rafah, south of Gaza Strip, on Tuesday. Five Merkava Israeli tanks were scene accompanied by military bulldozers entering 300 meters inside Al-Nahda area east of Rafah, Palestinian sources told KUNA. The sources added that Israeli forces were heavily firing on Palestinian houses amid during the incursion along with recon warplanes hovering over. On a different front, an Israeli recon plane fired at a training center which belonged to Salah Eddin Brigades, the military wing of Palestinian Popular Committees ( / 22.11.2011) Continue reading Israeli tanks fire on Rafah city houses while airstrikes target military training centre

News of Egypte 22.11.2011

Tahrir is secure and jovial and needs a little cleaning up so come on down. Can anyone get an empty canister of the Gas shot in #Tahrir we need to find what it is #Jan25ReBorn Nawwar Negem is speaking on Al-Jazeera, her voice is veryy weird…I wonder what Gas are they using #Tahrir #Jan25ReBorn ManaraRamDeeDee @palyouthvoice photos from the demo in #Ramallah in solidarity wth #tahrir #Egypt Retweet! Flood CEO of CombinedSystems, makers of tear gas in #Tahrir,w/calls at +1-724-932-2177 ext 0 #Jan25 @monaeltahawy 10 arrested in Libel Bill protests in Tel Aviv Medical source in the Zeinhom morgue near … Continue reading News of Egypte 22.11.2011

Egypt army ‘agrees national salvation cabinet’

CAIRO (AFP) —  Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces has agreed to form a national salvation government and hand power to a civilian authority by July 2012, politician Selim al-Awwa told the state MENA agency. The ruling military council, which is facing its worst crisis since it took power when veteran president Hosni Mubarak was ousted in February, is working to contain mass protests and clashes that have left at least 28 people dead in four days. “It was agreed at the meeting headed by the deputy of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces Sami Enan … to … Continue reading Egypt army ‘agrees national salvation cabinet’

The Nasty Party – Istiqlal Manifesto

The remaining political heavyweight Istiqlal party produced their own manifesto a week ago, and by far, it seems as though they have put a lot of thoughts in it.So much indeed, that they might well be the only party with no false promises, and actual commitments for austerity program policies. Paradoxically, the new constitution allows Istiqlal to display more brazenly its conservative credentials, to be, in short, that nasty party so many Moroccans hate and identify as patrician-style, “Fassi-Party”. First, they are the only political party making sense in terms of broad macroeconomic targets: a 5% GDP growth for 2% … Continue reading The Nasty Party – Istiqlal Manifesto