Hamas Calls On Arab League To Break The Siege On Gaza


Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, called on the Arab League to break the Israeli siege on Gaza and to ensure all border terminals remain open, in retaliation to the “Israeli piracy” against international solidarity ships that were heading to Gaza to deliver humanitarian supplies.


The movement stated that the Israeli army pirated the Canadian Tahrir and the Irish Saoirse ships while in international waters.

“Hamas strongly denounces this Zionist piracy against international solidarity activists trying to deliver humanitarian supplies to the besieged Gaza Strip, this attack is a crime and a direct violation to all related international Laws”, Hamas said in its statement, “The ongoing Israeli siege in Gaza, and the attacks against solidarity activists, are new crimes added to the long list of war crimes committed by the Zionist entity”.

The movement further stated that the Israeli violations and attacks “will never break the Palestinian will and determination to achieve liberation”, and added that the Palestinians will never abandon their legitimate rights.

Furthermore, Hamas called on the Arab League to break the illegal Israeli siege on the coastal region, and called on the United Nations “to act against the Zionist crimes against the Palestinian people”, in addition to ending the siege on the coastal region.

(www.imemc.org / 05.11.2011)


One thought on “Hamas Calls On Arab League To Break The Siege On Gaza

  1. Good morning, Gaza, good morning West Bank. When am I going to say ‘Good morning united Palestine and Happy Eid to you all’? Abu Elabid, when you are going to realise that the Arab League is a bankrupt, useless institution that cannot break an egg let alone the siege on Gaza? Witness the shambles that were on full display regarding Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and recently Syria. What they are interested in is to safeguard their own individual situation and to hell with the rest of the Arab world.
    It is Eid-Al-Adha, we are all a little bit emotional, especially us living in exile. Be brave Abu Elabid, forget political expediency and extend a hand to Abu Mazin and unite Palestine. Our entire future and the landmass of Palestine is at stake. Do you think it is time we stopped bluffing? Do you think it is time we started thinking of Palestine not partisan? Don’t you think that we have suffered and lost enough? For the sake of Palestine unite. For in our unity is our salvation. Our divisions and squabbles lead to our certain demise.

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