Europese banken zijn failliet

Willem Buiter, de hoofdeconoom van de bankreus Citigroup, is scherp. ‘De Europese banksector is failliet. Maar de politici snappen het gewoon niet en zitten nog altijd in de ontkenningsfase’, waarschuwt hij. ‘Dit stopt niet met Griekenland. Deze crisis is een sneeuwbal die steeds groter wordt en steeds sneller zal rollen.’ Willem Buiter, geboren in Den Haag, is een eigenzinnig econoom. Zijn analyses zijn messcherp, provocerend en baden vaak in sarcasme. ‘Dat Griekenland nog meer moet besparen? Dat is makkelijk gezegd. Wat ga je doen, troepen naar Athene sturen?’ Iedereen krijgt van Buiter een veeg uit de pan. De Europese banken … Continue reading Europese banken zijn failliet

Israeli military covers up evidence showing Eilat attack was not carried out by Palestinians

After a shooting attack on an Israeli bus and truck two months ago which killed five civilians and three soldiers, Israeli military officials immediately claimed that a Palestinian resistance group was responsible. But an Israeli military investigation revealing that the attack was carried out by Egyptians, not Palestinians, has been ‘embargoed’ by the military. Military spokesperson Avital Leibovitz (image from Although the results of the investigation were quietly released by the military last month, they have published no details, and have refused reporters’ requests for more information. An article verifying the results of the internal investigation showing no Palestinian … Continue reading Israeli military covers up evidence showing Eilat attack was not carried out by Palestinians

Owner: Israel to confiscate Beit Jala land for wall

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli forces issued a military order on Sunday to confiscate 37,000 square meters of private land from near the Cremisan Monastery in Beit Jala. One of the landowners told Ma’an that Israeli forces handed confiscation warrants to him and other farmers on Sunday evening. The land slated for confiscation is used for agricultural cultivation, he said, adding that Israel is annexing the area to construct the separation wall. Land owners submitted a complaint at the civil administration office in Etzion but it was rejected, the land owner said. Israel began constructing the separation wall in 2002. It … Continue reading Owner: Israel to confiscate Beit Jala land for wall

FBI Crime Maps Now ‘Pinpoint’ Average Muslims

It started out as a crimefighting tool. But over the years, an FBI effort known as “geo-mapping” evolved into something more expansive — a method to track Muslim communities, without any suspicion of a crime being committed. Last month, Danger Room revealed that the FBI was training its agents that religious Muslims tended to be “violent” and that Islamic charity is merely a “funding mechanism for combat.” In response, both the FBI and the Justice Department promised full reviews of their training materials. But the geo-mapping effort indicates that the FBI may have more than just a training problem: The … Continue reading FBI Crime Maps Now ‘Pinpoint’ Average Muslims

As settlers disrupt olive harvest, Israeli officer declares: “I am the law, I am God.”

Intimidation of Palestinians in the Israeli-controlled H2 section of Hebron continued today as the Israeli military and settlers harassed Palestinians and international observers as they attempted to pick olives on their land in Tel Rumeida. Around 40 students from different Palestinian universities marched onto the land at 11AM Saturday morning and began to pick olives along with local families, activists from Youth Against Settlements (YAS) and international observers. At 12:30 PM the Israeli police confiscated identity passes for 20 Palestinians and, whilst checking their details, forced the group to stand together and individually filmed their faces. The police declined to … Continue reading As settlers disrupt olive harvest, Israeli officer declares: “I am the law, I am God.”

Palestinian delegation prepares for UNESCO vote

CAIRO (Ma’an) — Palestinian officials are preparing for an intense diplomatic battle as UNESCO opens its General Conference on Tuesday. UNESCO’s board decided on Oct. 5 to let 193 member states vote on a Palestinian application to upgrade from observer status to full membership of the cultural body. The vote is expected to take place during the two-week general assembly meeting which opens Tuesday in Paris. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has urged the governing body of UNESCO “to think again before proceeding with that vote” and said the US might cut off funding to the agency if it … Continue reading Palestinian delegation prepares for UNESCO vote

The Atlantic, Israel, and Palestine

A new special report is part of a long history of the magazine’s coverage of Israel-Palestine A Palestinian man waits at a checkpoint near the West Bank city of Ramallah / Reuters Today The Atlantic launches a special report exploring issues in the Israel-Palestine conflict, “Is Peace Possible?“, in collaboration with the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace. For The Atlantic, this project builds on a vast archive of  engagement with the Arab-Israeli conflict. The magazine was a seminal forum for debating these issues long before the establishment of the Jewish state. As recently chronicled by Atlantic national correspondent … Continue reading The Atlantic, Israel, and Palestine