Rising Against Islamophobia – Newcastle’s multi-cultural Celebration

zaterdag 29 oktober · 12:00 – 16:00

Grey’s Monument, Newcastle

Gemaakt door:

Supported by Unison, Northern Public Services Alliance, Coalition of Resistance, Stop the War Coalition, Show Racism the Red Card, Enough Coalition Against Islamophobia, Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC), writer and broadcaster Yvonne Ridley, councillor Dipu Ahad and more…

Speakers and music – at Grey’s Monument from midday. More details to follow soon.

Official prejudice against Muslims is turning into state pers…ecution in country after country across Europe.

In France we see Muslim women arrested in the street for what they wear. In Switzerland, minarets have been prohibited; elsewhere Halal food is banned from schools and immigration from ‘Muslim countries’ is openly discouraged. In Germany there has been no official condemnation of an Islamophobic murder.

In Britain, Muslims face defamation in the media as well as threats and attacks on mosques. The authorities often collude in this victimization. Too many politicians are joining in the chorus of demonization. Unsurprisingly, statistics show an increase in physical attacks on Muslims almost everywhere.

Islamophobia is often dressed up as cultural critique, but it is a form of racism. It is sometimes used by sections of the establishment to blame Muslims for the effects of government policies.

Western foreign policies have created anger across the Muslim world and beyond. The vast majority of Muslims in Europe are integrated but discrimination in housing, jobs and education creates barriers to this process.

None of this is the fault of the Muslim communities. On the contrary, Muslim are both discriminated against and scapegoated.

On Saturday 29 October 2011 we are bringing together organisations and individuals to actively challenge Islamophobia. Let’s stand united. We believe that it is time for Muslims and non-Muslims alike to take a clear stand against this spreading menace.

We say enough. We will not be silenced. And we ask you to join us.

“Islamaphobia is racism and has no place here. This irrational hatred of Islam and active discrimination of Muslims was experienced previously by people of another faith … the Jews, who suffered unspeakable atrocities because of hatred and ignorance towards their faith. Never again should we allow history to repeat itself. I salute the people of Newcastle for reaching out to its richly, diverse Muslim community. Only through tolerance, and understanding can we call ourselves civilised human beings. Born equal, we should treat each other with respect and courtesy. That is real comradeship and brotherhood and that is the true nature of Northerners”, Yvonne Ridley, proud Geordie and Muslim.

“Newcastle’s Rise Against Islamophobia carnival is an amazing idea. It is an inspiration for all the communities to stand against Islamophobes/EDL And join in peace and harmony. This is why we the MDL team are in support Newcastle’s Rise Against Islamobia carnival and always will insha’Allah.” Chechnyan Wolf, MDL

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