Haniyeh backs statehood, but not at any price

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The prime minister in Gaza said Friday that his government supported the establishment of a Palestinian state on liberated lands, but not in exchange for recognizing Israel or giving up rights. Ismail Haniyeh said Palestinian land is an Islamic endowment that cannot be negotiated. He said efforts by the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank were unilateral and being made without consultations with other factions, allowing Israel to keep 78 percent of Palestinian land in a “dead end” move. Speaking with a Tunisian and Kuwaiti delegation on Friday, Haniyeh added that the Palestinian people had fought … Continue reading Haniyeh backs statehood, but not at any price

Occupation costs Palestine $4.4bn per yr

Israel’s illegal occupation of the West Bank and Gaza has deprived the Palestinian economy of an estimated USD 4.4 billion a year, a report says. The report released by the PA on Thursday, showed that the Palestinian economy could have been nearly twice as large had it not been illegally occupied, Ma’an News Agency reported. “No matter what the Palestinian people achieve by our own efforts, the occupation prevents us achieving our potential as a free people in our own country,” said Hasan Abu Libdeh, the Palestinian Authority (PA) Economy Minister. The economy ministry further said that much of the … Continue reading Occupation costs Palestine $4.4bn per yr

Israel sends hundreds of kilograms of nuclear waste to the United States

So let me get this straight. The US gives Israel $3 billion per year for no apparent reason, plus free weapons, loan guarantees and God knows what else, totalling to about $30 billion per year, and in return, we get sent their nuclear waste. OK. The Dimona reactor is where Israel’s undeclared, nuclear weapons of mass distruction are stored. Dimona has not been inspected by the IAEA. *** Israel has returned hundred of kilograms of nuclear waste from its nuclear reactor in Nahal Sorek to the U.S., the head of Israel’s Nuclear Energy Commission Dr Shaul Horev revealed on Monday. … Continue reading Israel sends hundreds of kilograms of nuclear waste to the United States

European Parliament adopts resolution, confirming Palestinian bid legitimacy

The European Parliament adopted a resolution on Thursday, confirming the legitimacy of the Palestinian-UN membership application, calling on the EU members to adopt a united decision which supports the Palestinian bid. The parliament praised the rehabilitation of the P.A institutions and its plans to establish a Palestinian state, stressing the Palestinian’s right of self-determination and the importance to find a way to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict especially during the ongoing Arab Spring. The House reconfirmed its support for the two-state solution on the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as a capital of the two states, Palestine and Israel, alongside a totally … Continue reading European Parliament adopts resolution, confirming Palestinian bid legitimacy

Studieavond: Formatie van de soennitische rechtscholen. “De 4 Imams”

Tijd donderdag 6 oktober · 18:00 – 21:30 Locatie Fontys Hogescholen Rachelsmolen 1 Eindhoven, Netherlands Gemaakt door: Dar Al ‘Ilm Meer informatie Korte toelichting: De imams Abu Hanifa, Malik ibn Anas, Muhammad ibn Idris Ash-Shafi‘i en Ahmad ibn Hanbal waren prominente geleerden die van onschatbare waarde zijn geweest voor de vorming van het islamitisch rechtssysteem. U leert over hun leven, bijdragen en navolging. U zult het systeem van rechtscholen na het volgen van de studieavond beter begrijpen. Kosten:€7,50 Gratis: Voor studenten die de “Islamstudie van 2010” hebben gevolgd. Aanmelden: info@islamstudies.nl Continue reading Studieavond: Formatie van de soennitische rechtscholen. “De 4 Imams”

Fresh Syrian protests turn violent

Activists say at least 11 people killed after security forces open fire on anti-government demonstrators. Syrian security forces have clashed with protesters as thousands have rallied across the country calling for President Bashar al-Assad to step down, activists say. There were reports that the security forces opened fire on protesters at several of the demonstrations on Friday, and that there were also clashes between troops who have joined the protesters and those loyal to Assad. “Opposition activists are telling us that 11 people were killed in protests after Friday prayers today. Six of those people they say were killed in … Continue reading Fresh Syrian protests turn violent

Palestine 30.09.2011

Alright @Stavitsinai is safe. Settlers attacked the car she was in, Spat on the windows & threatened to bur the car and flip it upside down There’s only one word to describe what happened this evening in Anata: lynch via @justjerusalem some activists are still locked in their cars near #Anatot (settlement) entrance #Anata URGENT HELP NEEDED! Activists in #Anata are still under attack! a new wave of attack is coming up! PLEASE HELP! Via @Stavitsinai Settlers organized a Counter-Demo and heading towards activists to attack them again #Anata Activists are now surrounded by Occupation Police. They threaten to arrest … Continue reading Palestine 30.09.2011